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         The Trucking Association of New York has joined Save 81! Click here to read more.

        Gov. Cuomo orders the study of a tunnel in DEIS process. Click here to read more.

Independent I-81 project study shows ‘many negatives’ of community grid. Click here to read more.
Putting Syracuse to Work During the I-81 Project: Click here to read more.

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Join us in support of saving I-81 to protect Syracuse’s economic future!

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Local I-81 Groups to Hold Meeting to Discuss Highway’s Future

What: A public forum to discuss the future of I-81. Local organizations such as Save81, Moving People Transportation Coalition and others will sit on a panel and provide ideas and concerns.  Marc Norman of Syracuse University’s School of Architecture will be the key speaker.  When: Thursday, February 13, 7 p.m.  Where: Tucker Missionary Baptist Church (515 Oakwood Avenue, […]

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