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         The Trucking Association of New York has joined Save 81! Click here to read more.

        Gov. Cuomo orders the study of a tunnel in DEIS process. Click here to read more.

Independent I-81 project study shows ‘many negatives’ of community grid. Click here to read more.
Putting Syracuse to Work During the I-81 Project: Click here to read more.

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June a huge month for Save 81

Save 81 has been busy over the past month spreading the word about how important Interstate 81‘s existing route is. Our top opportunity to do so was at the Syracuse Common Council committee session on the I-81 project in mid-June. Joe Bright of Dunk & Bright Furniture delivered a fantastic presentation about how we need to maintain […]

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Save 81 makes strong case against community grid at Council meeting

The Save 81 coalition’s Joe Bright told Syracuse common councilors and members of the public Thursday evening that maintaining Interstate 81’s existing high-speed route through Syracuse is essential for Southside businesses like his and others across the city and around the region. “In 2016 we surveyed our customers and asked them, ‘Would you visit Dunk […]

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Emergency response times would suffer under community grid is reporting today on what would happen to emergency response times if a so-called community grid were to replace Interstate 81 through downtown Syracuse. Former Syracuse Fire Chief Mark McLees has an answer. “If you’re having a heart attack, you’d like to have them come as quickly as they can. People go, ‘A minute, […]

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