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         The Trucking Association of New York has joined Save 81! Click here to read more.

        Gov. Cuomo orders the study of a tunnel in DEIS process. Click here to read more.

Independent I-81 project study shows ‘many negatives’ of community grid. Click here to read more.
Putting Syracuse to Work During the I-81 Project: Click here to read more.

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Save 81 gains momentum in August

August is prime time for summer vacations, but even if you’ve been away, it has been hard to miss all that is going on with conversation about how to rebuild Interstate 81 in Syracuse. Simply put, we’re seeing momentum for rebuilding this important highway so it continues to serve all of Central New York and beyond: Gloria […]

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Mahoney: ‘I like (an I-81 tunnel) … because it satisfies everybody’

Onondaga County Executive Joanie Mahoney told reporters on Wednesday that she is supportive of a hybrid tunnel option for rebuilding Interstate 81 in Syracuse. “I like it in theory because it satisfies everybody,” she said, according to “You get the community grid and you get the high speed access.” Numerous polls and surveys in […]

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Trucking Association of New York joins Save 81

Save 81 today announced the Trucking Association of New York (TANY) is joining the vast coalition of concerned citizens, elected officials and business leaders from Syracuse and Central New York who are committed to preserving a high-speed option to and through the city. Approximately 90 percent of New York communities depend on trucks to deliver […]

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