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In June, the DeWitt Town Board passed a resolution calling on the New York State Department of Transportation, the Syracuse Metropolitan Transportation Council and various state lawmakers representing Onondaga County to maintain the existing alignment of I-81 through Syracuse as plans to rehabilitate the aging portions of the highway are being considered.

The Town Board highlighted Moody’s Investors Service’s prediction for DeWitt’s economic growth given its proximity to Syracuse, and its role as a transfer point between the Thruway, Route 481 and I-81.  DeWitt leaders predict that re-routing I-81 would undermine this predicted growth, as it would deter business from the commercial presence DeWitt has built around the interstate and its off-ramps.  These hotels, shopping centers, offices, manufacturing facilities and restaurants have grown to rely on I-81 travelers.

Town leaders are also worried about increased traffic congestion that diverting I-81 would bring to DeWitt’s already overwhelmed streets.  The overuse of DeWitt’s local roads would require more infrastructure funding, straining the town’s budget.

Read the DeWitt Town Board’s resolution here.