Video: Mark Nicotra and Bob Doucette Discuss the Future of I-81

On last week’s Newsmakers with Dan Cummings, Salina Town Supervisor Mark Nicotra (Save81) and Syracuse real estate developer Bob Doucette (ReThink 81) discussed their views on the I-81 project. Although their groups have differing visions for I-81, everyone agreed that this is a project with enormous implications for the future of Syracuse and Central New York.

“It has always been a contention of Save81,” said Mr. Nicotra, “to maintain 81 as through traffic through the city in whatever form that may take.” He mentioned, as part of the process of consensus building, that the final product will probably end up being made up of “parts of different plans.”

The interview includes a discussion of the Access Syracuse Plan, with Nicotra and Cummings looking at the benefits it provides for all groups as a consensus plan. Doucette forgoes weighing in, admitting that “we haven’t actually studied this plan…As to whether the tunnel is a good idea, I don’t know.” encourages debate over the future of I-81 to continue throughout the development of the project. It is crucial to explore and assess the different ways that the goals of the project can be met in order to come to the conclusion that best benefits the people affected by it.

Watch the full interview here: