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         The Trucking Association of New York has joined Save 81! Click here to read more.

        Gov. Cuomo orders the study of a tunnel in DEIS process. Click here to read more.

Independent I-81 project study shows ‘many negatives’ of community grid. Click here to read more.
Putting Syracuse to Work During the I-81 Project: Click here to read more.

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I81 Opinions: Many questions remain about how grid, I-481 will handle traffic (Your Letters)

To the Editor: I am responding to the editorial board’s position that the Community Grid is the best option for the Interstate 81 viaduct replacement project. Let’s look at some details. * Thousands of people travel I-81 every day. The grid assumes that many vehicles will be offloaded onto Interstate 481. It is packed every […]

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I81 Opinions: We had community grid in 1950s, and it was slow (Your letters)

To the Editor: I was glad to read Joseph Todisco’s commentary, “Maintaining I-81 is the true investment in downtown Syracuse’s future” (Jan. 9, 2019), advocating the maintaining and improving of Interstate 81 on it’s present path through Syracuse. I’m old enough to remember Syracuse in the early 1950s, before I-81 ran through our city. We had what […]

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