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         The Trucking Association of New York has joined Save 81! Click here to read more.

        Gov. Cuomo orders the study of a tunnel in DEIS process. Click here to read more.

Independent I-81 project study shows ‘many negatives’ of community grid. Click here to read more.
Putting Syracuse to Work During the I-81 Project: Click here to read more.

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Carrier Dome traffic can only get worse with I-81 community grid (Your letters)

To the Editor: Regarding “Will Carrier Dome traffic get worse with new I-81? Think sieve not funnel, state says” (May 3, 2019): I find it disingenuous that Interstate 81 project director Mark Frechette and the New York State Department of Transportation are purporting the new community grid will be better for Carrier Dome large event traffic. […]

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I-81 Open House on June 18!

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I-81 opinions: Needs of suburban majority outweigh grid proponents (Your letters)

To the Editor: Interstate 81 serves as a vital backbone for the economy of Onondaga County, and for decades it has been an economic driver for the many towns and businesses that have grown around it. Recently, representatives of 11 hotels located along Interstate 81 sent a letter to Gov. Andrew Cuomo expressing our concerns about what […]

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I-81 opinions: First responders need high-speed access to downtown Syracuse (Your letters)

To the Editor: For decades, Interstate 81 has played an essential role in the safety of residents across the city of Syracuse and Onondaga County. Recently, the Lysander Public Safety Coalition, comprised of nine first responder agencies serving the northwestern region of the county, unanimously passed a resolution in support of a hybrid solution to […]

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Development potential of I-81 community grid is ‘wishful thinking’ (Your letters)

To the Editor: Once again, this newspaper and groups of developers and architects are lauding the development potential and subsequent tax income by releasing valuable land beneath the viaduct with the community grid option to replace Interstate 81 (“Developers: Growth of Syracuse, region depends on community grid,” Nov. 14, 2018, “Landscape architects group: We support […]

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