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On June 26, 2013, the Cayuga County Legislature passed a resolution rejecting a plan to construct a “boulevard” though Syracuse and re-route Interstate 81 away from the city.  The boulevard scheme is one option being considered by state Department of Transportation officials for handling the aging I-81 infrastructure, which will reach the end of its useful life in 2017. 

The Cayuga County resolution calls on decision-makers to choose a plan for rehabilitating I-81 that maintains the highway’s current alignment and Interstate Highway designation through the region. Re-routing I-81 would divert commercial traffic to the smaller cities and towns, stressing infrastructure and adversely affecting the residents’ quality of life.

Numerous municipalities throughout Central New York also have passed similar resolutions raising concerns about re-routing I-81.

Cayuga County legislators strongly believe that altering I-81’s traffic flow through the region would undermine the region’s economy, accessibility and public safety. Their resolution urges state officials to consider solutions for I-81 that do not negatively affect Central New York. 

Read the Cayuga County Legislature’s full resolution here.


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