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In an open letter, Owasco Town Supervisor Ed Wagner detailed the potential effects on Owasco if I-81 were to be re-routed away from Syracuse, warning of the potential increase of trash hauling truck traffic through the town and the greater Central New York region.

Over the past few years, Owasco has worked to address the large trash hauling truck traffic through the town and surrounding area, and agreements have been made between landfill operators and truck owners to reduce the volume of trash hauling trucks through the town.  However, if I-81 were re-routed, these trash-hauling trucks would very likely once again seek shorter and quicker routes through smaller towns like Owasco. 

The infrastructure of towns such as Owasco is not designed to handle a high volume of big trucks.  As these large vehicles attempt to maneuver local roads, they increase the odds for motor vehicle and pedestrian accidents, and their large size would contribute to faster deterioration of infrastructure. 

Local officials are also concerned for the preservation of Owasco Lake and the other nearby Finger Lakes.  If I-81 were re-rerouted, the increased air pollution and threat of spills would threaten the source of drinking water for many area residents.

Read the Town of Owasco’s full resolution here.

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Doug Kerr, Dougtone http://www.flickr.com/photos/7327243@N05/5315839924/