Save81.Org Responds to County Executive Joanie Mahoney’s Comments on I-81’s Future

State Officials Must Think Big And Evaluate All Options To Determine I-81 Solution 

SYRACUSE, N.Y. — In response to Onondaga County Executive Joanie Mahoney’s comments today regarding the future of Interstate 81 in the region, stated:

“Joanie Mahoney is absolutely right. The state must thoroughly evaluate all options, regardless of cost, when it comes to determining the future of I-81 in our region. This is a monumental opportunity to shape our infrastructure for generations to come, and making the right call will require bold thinking and careful consideration of all options. Our community deserves nothing less.” opposes the boulevard plan being considered by state officials to deal with the aging portions of I-81 in the area and believes there are multiple solutions that should be considered instead, including a tunnel, depressed roadway, a new bridge, a rebuilt elevated highway, or an idea that has yet to be proposed.

About is a diverse coalition of concerned residents, elected officials, employers, union members, and community groups that have come together as officials in Albany determine how to deal with the aging portions of I-81 in our area. opposes a plan being considered to replace I-81 in Downtown Syracuse with a boulevard that would divert Interstate traffic away from the City and leave traffic congestion and air pollution in its place.

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