“The only way to maintain businesses, the health of our community…is to maintain [81].” Ann Marie Taliercio Interview on WSYR

Earlier this month, Central New York Area Labor Federation President and Save81.org charter member, Ann Marie Taliercio, spoke with 570 WSYR regarding her organizations’s stance on the boulevard option: “We came to the understanding after a long discussion where everybody on the board voiced their opinion that the boulevard just isn’t the way to go.” 

Ms. Taliercio goes on to explain the Interstate’s importance to the region: “The point of a boulevard is to slow traffic down. The point of a highway that goes through a region is to bring commerce to the region just as the Erie canal brought commerce to our region so many years ago and I view 81 in the same venue.”

“I think the only way to maintain businesses, the health of our community, the health of our region, is to maintain [81].”

“Stay involved, go to Save81.org, voice your opinion there. Sign the petition. We have a facebook page up, we have both sides giving their opinion on our pages and that’s what I think is important.”

“The next step is to just keep active and be part of the conversation. Have your comments heard. Again, get involved. Let the powers that be understand that there’s not just one idea about what should happen with 81.”

Listen below for the full interview.