Video: Mark Nicotra Discusses Save81 on New York Now

A recent piece on New York Now looked at the I-81 project in Central New York, covering the current state of the project and the debate surrounding it. The piece featured Bob Doucette (ReThink81) and Mark Nicotra (Save81), who explained their groups’s positions on the I-81 issue and their hopes for the future of the project. “Our main concern,” says Mr. Nicotra, “is that we want to maintain 81 as a through-road through the city in whatever form that may end up being.”

Mr. Nictora goes on to explain the alternative that Save81 has presented to the DOT and the public to build a consensus among the disparate factions that have arisen during this project. “Save81 has the Access Syracuse plan, which is a tunnel-boulevard hybrid,” he says. Mr. Nicotra calls the plan “the best of both worlds, which we think conveys the traffic in an efficient manner.”